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Project Credits



Benjamin (Schultz) Guitars of all kinds, bass, drums (except where noted), keys, strings, production, engineering, and mastering


Steve Lukather - Song Of 13 Postures...Guitar duel on the end 

Bekka Bramlett - The Rain Song, It Hurts Me Too… Vocals, Vocal Production and Vocal Engineering

Mike Finnigan - It Hurts Me Too... Vocals and Hammond, A Song For Me…Hammond

Leland Sklar - Crack The Sky (Dobro) , Old Brown Penny (Dobro), 

                        Travelin’ Shoes, Water To Wine, Cowboy,…Bass

Chester Thompson - Ybor City, Driving The Dunes of Baja…Drums

Tim Bogert - Et Tu Benjamin, Jizz Whizz - A Tribute to Jeff Beck, and Song Of 13 Postures…Bass

Manna Lia - I Won’t Hold You Back...All Vocals 

Gregg Bissonette - Song Of 13 Postures, Jizz Whizz -A Tribute to Jeff Beck, and Et Tu Benjamin….                                        Drums 

Ray Brinker - Song Of 13 Postures, Crack The Sky (Dobro), 

                       Old Brown Penny (Dobro), Water To Wine, Travelin Shoes, Cowboy....Drums

Patrick Caccia - The Rain Song and Got Me Floating…Drums 

Jon Butcher - Crack The Sky, Old Brown Penny, Water To Wine and Travelin’ Shoes, Cowboy - Vocals                            and Background Vox, Rhythm Gtr on Travelin’Shoes, end solo Old Brown Penny 

Chris Pierce - Travelin’ Shoes - Background Vox's

Jennifer Lynn from The Violution - The Rain Song...Real Strings


Additional Mastering - Maor Applebaum


All original songs © 1972-2022 by Benjamin Schultz I Nose Music BMI/Dasatchbescats Music ASCAP

“The Book of Benjamin” ©℗ 2018-2022 by Benjamin Schultz and The Kokoro Group









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