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Achievements of Life





Now and Then

Guiness Book of World Records     Nashville July 12,1997… Most guitar players playing the same song……. Most guitar players playing the same song for the longest time. …… “Twist and Shout” for 75 min…….. Being Handed Lucille by B.B. King and just smokin’ away with Johnny Winter (Cleveland)....playing with J.M. Hendrix (Tampa)....Muddy Waters and Freddie King (Denver)... SRV (LA)...Being in the Beatles Book “On Record”...



Digidesign (Avid) Alumni Artist, Player Built Guitars, RJM Pedals and Effects, Bogner Amplification, Rocky Mountain SlidesFishman Transducers and Amplification, Paul Beard Dobros, Scheerhorn Dobros, Dobro (OAI), Gibson Guitars, Gibson Accessories and Amplification, Valley Arts Guitars, Taylor Guitars, Chandler Guitars, Martin Guitars, Tone Rite, Glyph Technologies, McIntyre Pickups, THD Amps, Martinsound, Universal Audio, Toontracks, McDSP, Waves, Slate Digital, BFD, Tascam, Stinger Amps, Transperformance LLC, Groove Tubes, Ameritage LTD,  Jerry Jones Guitars, Eyeland Straps


Too Long Ago

University of South Florida - Music Literature and Voice

Berklee College of Music - Arranging and Harmony; Composition    

New England Conservatory - Big Band Arranging; Music Literature

Thad Jones/ Mel Lewis - Arranging and Composition

George Russell - Lydian Chromatic Concept

Robert Ceely - Electronic Music and Composition; Classical Counterpoint


University of South Florida - Social Psychology, Anthropology, & Sociology 

The Learning Tree University - Computer Programming

LA Valley College - Computer Science



Midi City - Ass't Mgr (music store)

K-Muse - product specialist/ sales(Guitar Synth Co.)

Passac - product specialist/ sales (Guitar Synth Co)

Digidesign (Avid) - beta tester Sound Designer II (first versions)

Digidesign (Avid) Alumni 

SMPTE Track Software (Barefoot Software) - product specialist/ beta tester

Eventide - Product specialist/Patch designer


Along For The Ride

FYI: This is an excerpt from a mag article written regarding the folks I have had a chance to work, record, tour, or the honor of playing alongside...

The weekend was the 2012 Namm show...looky-loos, gear. Reconnecting relationships. Had to tell my story, which I've never really told.

There was no school of rock or blues—hard knocks and paying your dues. There were the jazz and classical schools. North Texas State, New England Conservatory, Berklee, Juilliard...or just listening...Beethoven, Mozart, et al. By the way, their record deal was to be commissioned by a monarchy. Just like the majors, they had fame, women, the fast lane. Got screwed in the end.

Looking at the years 1970 -2000’s... were quite remarkable, extraordinary, really.




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