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The Tech...The Tinkerer...The Philosopher...The Thanks...


The CyberActive Network Inc. - SVP; System Concept, Design, and Sales  (mass data storage for the entertainment industry through Proprietary Secure Intranets; Streaming transmission of audio/video content thru fiber optics/multi-channel; Content consultant to Nuko and Westport Media/ CODEC development for audio transmission. 



Audio Delivery Technology, Studio Equipment System Integration, Consultant for Audio Restoration and Archival

and finally a "Conducteur et un Peintre d’Audio"


The tech side...


Always been a tinkerer. Wanted to know how things worked. Yup, the scientist and the science teacher. Interesting cross to bear. Rewired my first console to have curb appeal when I was 17. After that, I hated to solder. 


Anyway, I've had ideas for jumbo screens behind the artist, typewriters that you can talk to... and the words get printed and multi-pathed communications since I was a kid. People thought I was nuts. They also laughed at Fulton.


We now have rear screen image projection everywhere, computers, smart TVs and phones, Smart-homes. You name it.


I was the same with audio. I was the same with music. No boundaries. How far could I push the envelope? I mean "no boundaries ..ever".


Although not being the "code" guy, I facilitated. Helping others collate their concepts into a functioning, working model...pushing the limits of tech, tonality, and music till the spirit responds. That's what it's all about...our spirits, our life force responding without thought. That's what we call "HITTING THE NOTE."

Glad to be healthy and back to the music...just the music. Sharing what I've learned over my life. Getting to pass the torch on from those who graciously recognized "my gift" passed that torch/ responsibility to me on to the new generations. 


I am honored to be among those select few.


Thank you



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