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For all y’all kind enough to donate, here’s the deal ...

1.    For the folks kind enough to donate $1000 or more: A limited edition Vinyl LP sampler + all music available by online links/2 T-shirts + 2 coffee mugs or 2 caps.

2.     A Zoom call with me...$ 500.00 gets at least 1/2 hour.  Ask me anything....the stories, the tech, the how and why...or 

links to the entire set of The Book of Benjamin

3.    $250-$500 - Links to all the available music




This physical LP's will be available once I reach the $5500 donation total to cover the initial LP pressing set-up. Sooner for the online store.



You can track donation totals on my GFM Page

I will ask you to also email me from the "More" menu - "contact me" here so I can have a mailing list for merch givaways and purchases.  





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